Trees for Neighborhoods

Improve the Community

Bring Some Shade To Your Neighborhood

If your neighborhood needs trees, and you have an HOA or other type of association, Greenscape may be able to help you receive trees at a deeply discounted rate.  Meet or talk with your group to determine how many homeowners are willing to purchase a tree at 50% or more below retail cost, including delivery to your site.  Next Greenscape and an ISA Certified Arborist will come to your neighborhood and recommend trees suitable for the location.  We will provide a list of trees, you distribute the list to homeowners who will choose and pay for their tree, and we’ll coordinate a tree distribution day.  This program encourages neighborhoods to increase their tree canopy, and provides support for HOAs to organize a “Tree Planting Day” in their communities. In return, HOAs agree to help promote Greenscape’s mission via association newsletters and website/social media page(s).


  • HOA gathers names of homeowners willing to participate, communicates between Greenscape and homeowners, homeowners plant trees; Greenscape provides professional advice and logistical assistance.  If trees are to be planted in ROWs (right-of-way) and common areas, HOA organizes volunteers for a planting of  approximately two hours.  
  • For trees planted in ROWs and common areas, HOA agrees to water and maintain the trees (details will be discussed).
  • Minimum number of trees purchased is 20 trees (15-gallon size). 
  • Tree species are subject to approval and availability by Greenscape, and will be determined by proposed location of trees. Greenscape will provide tree selection assistance, if requested.
  • Greenscape charges a small membership fee to the HOA of $250.

Cost / Benefits

Program Membership: $250 from HOA or neighborhood association plus the discounted cost of the trees.  Homeowners pay for their own trees; the association pays for common-area trees.
Program Benefit: Deeply discounted trees for yards and common areas, improving the tree canopy.  Professional species recommendation and planting instruction.

Trees for Neighborhoods

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