Save Our Tree Canopy!


Save Our Tree Canopy!

Here in North Florida, we’re blessed with stately pines, awe-inspiring oaks and other old-growth trees that cool our houses, add beauty to the landscape and help the enivornment. But Florida is growing fast and we’re losing trees to clear-cutting. Luckily, there is something YOU can do to help save our canopy – if you’re a property owner, you can reduce the potential for wind damage and add years to the life of your tree. Just watch our video for tips.

Scroll down for more information on finding a professional arborist. Most land in Northeast Florida is privately owned, so do your part and help save our tree canopy!

Thomas Jefferson Elementary Tree planting

Professional tree advice is an investment in your property just like any other preventative work. It can reduce insurance costs, costly storm clean-up and lengthen the life of the tree canopy.  But how do you find an expert?  Read our article to find out.

It’s crucial to hire a tree professional to extend the life of your trees.  But knowing what to watch out for can help you determine when it’s time to seek advice.  Click below to learn about common tree defects.